6 Second Break-In Technique for Garage Doors

What Las Vegas Residents Can Do To Keep Garage Doors From Being a Point of Entry

Criminals are nothing if not inventive, and so they are constantly coming up with new ways to break into homes undetected. Even with alarm systems, there are still ways for home invaders to break into your home. What many Las Vegas homeowners may not be aware of is that your garage doors are one of the most vulnerable points of entry into your home.

A video has been circulating on Youtube about how to break into a home through the garage door. The video demonstrates how by only using a wire hanger, a person can reach through the crevices in the garage doors of your residence to access the emergency release latch. The emergency release latch of your garage door is what the emergency release rope is tied to. This latch opens your garage door in the case of an emergency in which your garage door opener is either not functioning or cannot be reached. Criminals can access this latch with a wire hanger pushed through the top of the garage door. They can then position the hanger so that it hooks around the emergency release latch. When they pull against the latch, the garage door will open. Additionally, criminals are also able to grab the rope that is connected to the latch and pull on that rope to achieve the same result. The scariest thing is that this technique of breaking in can be done in as little as 6 seconds.

How Can I Protect My Garage Doors?

The simplest prevention method is to take a plastic zip tie and thread it through the emergency release latch. You can purchase zip ties at any home improvement store for no more than a few dollars. The zip ties are strong enough to prevent the latch being pulled down by a wire hanger but can be broken by pulling on the emergency release rope hard enough. This very inexpensive measure could potentially save your Las Vegas residence from being broken into and protect you, your loved ones, and your possessions.

Now That You Know

Preventing this method of garage door breaking and entering is simple, fast, and very inexpensive. It could save your home in Las Vegas, your valuables, and maybe even your life. If you have any other questions about preventing breaking and entering into Las Vegas homes through garage doors, call The Garage Door Guy at (702) 508-0260. The Garage Door Guy specializes in the installation and repair of garage doors in Las Vegas, and with twenty-six years of experience, we’re your best source for information about Las Vegas garage doors.

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